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Nimble communications to keep you ahead as expectations, technology and regulation evolve.

  1. Moving goalposts

Britian’s manufacturers need to compete on an ever-more globalised stage. With overseas competitors often leading on price, it is more important than ever for British manufacturers to message their thought leadership, expertise, innovation and quality of both products and service delivery to maintain and enhance reputation and customer loyalty.

  1. Driving your
  2. messages home

In a world of just in time, your customers need confidence that you’ll deliver every time – on price, service and environmental metrics. And in a world of global solutions, they want to know that they’re more than just a number to you. We create campaigns that drive your messages home, building recognition, engagement and loyalty.

  1. Securing pole position

With the pace of change accelerating, brands that invest to stay ahead of the pack have a narrow window to communicate their points of difference. Quick-thinking and swift to deliver, we devise and produce thought leader reports, white papers and round tables to generate valuable editorial to put you in pole position with clients, investors and partners.  

  1. Supply chain expertise

Our marketing and PR experts have experience across the supply chain sector: from national and global freight forwarding to warehousing and distribution; from innovative, secure e-commerce delivery solutions to consultancy. Across B2B and B2C, across the country and the world.

Case study

“We primarily needed help with the content of our new website but were so thoroughly impressed by Sharp Minds’ diligent and detailed approach that we decided to engage them on an ongoing basis. Their attention to detail and thorough understanding of our business’s culture and challenges meant they provided brilliant content and an optimised User Experience geared towards solving our business needs. Sharp Minds were comfortable leading, they took initiative and drove this huge project forward.”

Nicky Amey, Managing Director, Castledene Transport

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