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Creating campaigns that connect and resonate to compete on a global stage

  1. Maintaining global leadership

Britian’s manufacturers need to compete on an ever-more globalised stage. With overseas competitors often leading on price, it is more important than ever for British manufacturers to message their thought leadership, expertise, innovation and quality of both products and service delivery to maintain and enhance reputation and customer loyalty.

  1. Building brand awareness

We partner with clients in the industrial and manufacturing sector to help them manage their hard-earned reputation, grow brand awareness and change customer and stakeholder perceptions. The team is tapped into the trends that affect the industry and apply this in-depth knowledge to develop intelligent and powerful communication strategies that help clients meet their business and communications goals.

  1. Changing attitudes, building loyalty

We work closely with our clients to help them address communications challenges and create engaging marketing strategies that resonate with multiple audiences. Our strategists create powerful content that appeals uniquely to each audience and its needs and measurably changes attitudes and builds loyalty.

  1. Communicating the complex

We have worked with multi-national organisations across the value chain, from hardware brands to global steelmakers, from manufacturers of infrastructure components to heavy industry specialists. We excel at making the complex compelling, the technical tangible and the rarified relevant, creating campaigns that connect and resonate..

Case study

We appointed Sharp Minds to help us, which they have done with superb branding and marketing advice, and the delivery of a media campaign which would be worthy of competitors a hundred times our size in terms of global manufacturers. It was thoroughly researched and expertly executed, including designing the report with easy-to-understand graphics to communicate the key narratives effectively. The results speak for themselves: high value, enormous productivity, enhanced brand awareness, increased sales and the intellectual property to leverage introductions to industry leaders, with whom we are now collaborating.

Roger Willems, Chairman, Penn Elcom

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