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Low carbon transmission

Leading the way for a cleaner, greener future – standing out with integrity from the sea of greenwashing.

  1. Leading the zeitgeist

Pressure is increasing from investors, regulators, customers and society for public and private organisations to transition to low-carbon solutions. In an era of greenwashing, we help low-carbon leaders message their expertise and integrity to stand out with authority to build their reputation and secure customer loyalty.

  1. Speed and scale to stay ahead

Our experience helping businesses navigate change across multiple sectors enables us to bring in-depth knowledge and powerful communication strategies to help our clients act at the scale and speed necessary to remain successful in a constantly evolving landscape. We continually horizon scan to anticipate trends and spot opportunities.

  1. Building awareness

We help get companies’ names and sustainability stories in the media, creating the third-party endorsement needed to establish credibility. Through targeted digital marketing, we reaffirm sustainability narratives to increase loyalty from customers demanding authentic action and leadership.

  1. ESG communications expertise

We have experience advising and supporting clients through the challenges and opportunities of the transition to low carbon. Our team has developed and implemented communication strategies built on ESG credentials for a globally listed business and protected others against green washing.

Case study

“Sharp Minds’ combination of communication skills, understanding of social and environmental issues, strategic counsel and media connections has dramatically helped our brand and has had an extremely positive impact on our business, but it has also helped to drive real change in the print industry.”

Ross Snell, Vice President EMEA, ARC-UK Technologies

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