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Using tactical communications to change an industry, while achieving brand exposure to support business development targeted at large corporates.



Articles across the UK from three campaigns


Secured a multi-million-pound contract

Website traffic rocketed

The Challenge

Although recognised in the UK for print services, ARC-UK Technologies faced challenges in driving sales compared to its parent company in the US. It was missing out on winning larger contracts with corporates due to limited brand exposure of its sustainability credentials, which had become increasingly key for landing multi-million-pound contracts. The company lacked news and insight that could gain attention in the media.

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The strategy

Sharp Minds produced a strategic, emotionally resonant narrative and implemented an effective public relations strategy to weave and communicate the company’s compelling sustainability journey and how it was shaping a greener future.

Our approach was multi-layered to engage across audiences, including making complex issues more accessible and amplifying the voices of the leadership team. We positioned the business in key industry, regional and sustainability publications, proactively joining the debate around carbon offsetting, and placing the company as the leading voice and poster case study for the print industry.

The outcome

Sharp Minds helped ARC-UK Technologies articulate its commitment, bringing the different strands of its decarbonisation strategy to life. The company’s proactive engagement in sustainability dialogues allowed the business to shape industry norms, foster collaborations and be recognised as a genuine innovator. 

Our campaigning helped the company: win a multi-million-pound contract with real estate giant, Landsec; attract major business leads for commercial partnership opportunities; and secure meetings with several councils to discuss how ARC-UK Technologies can support public net zero ambitions.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

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