Adding buoyancy to a game-changing brand

Building a brand to create both residential and commercial demand for a pioneering product using multi-layered digital, social and offline marketing and PR strategies to hit sales targets.



Sales targets reached

No 1

on Google for relevant searches


Reseller partnerships established

The Challenge

To build brand awareness of a completely new product among B2B and B2C target audiences to stimulate demand from a standing start, establishing Waterlodge as disruptive innovators and sector leaders.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

The strategy

An in-depth discovery process to develop distinct B2B and B2C strategies to showcase Waterlodge’s Unique Selling Points, make audiences aware of Waterlodge’s pioneering property solution and position the company for strategic discussions with potential B2B partners and clients.

Close collaboration with the founders and business development team as their in-house marketing department, executing comprehensive marketing and PR strategies flexibly and nimbly to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The outcome

Understanding the complexities of Waterlodge’s business enabled us to develop a comprehensive, cost-effective marketing and PR strategy which delivered on all the KPIs by creating brand and product awareness, establishing Waterlodge as leaders in their field, generating enquiries and conversions and enabling Waterlodge to engage with B2B prospects for partnerships and multiple orders.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

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