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Crisis communications

A brand can take a lifetime to build but can crumble in a day. We help businesses and organisations – big and small – prepare for the worst, as well as masterminding communications when the worst happens.

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Turning crises into opportunities

Crisis scenarios

These can include critical media or social campaigns, activist investors, legal attacks, hostile takeovers, boardroom coups, or negative reviews or regulatory assessments.


Sharps Minds’ crisis expertise includes governments, FTSE 100 firms, startups and UHNW individuals. We’re not only advisory; we work directly with the media, using our experience of communications psychology to get your message across. o mitigate risks and achieve successful outcomes, organisations must take a strategic, proactive approach to communications.

Training & simulation

Our training courses, crisis simulations and tailored crisis management plans do more than give you the confidence to handle a crisis – they’ll help you spot opportunities in adversity. We work with you to give you peace of mind and enable you to take the reins.

Clarity & consistency

Clear, fact-based communication is the bedrock of a crisis response. We mitigate brand crises with a robust three stage process. Pre-Crisis, we develop your crisis strategy with roles and responsibilities for a crisis team. Crisis Response, we respond quickly and always with transparency. Post-Crisis, we review and revise your crisis management plan and look for opportunities.

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Our services

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