Raising brand currency to build corporate confidence

Dootrix had struggled to find a marketing and PR partner that could understand their bespoke cloud architecture solutions to explain the business benefits to a highly tech-literate target audience. They needed an agency that could communicate the complex to build brand awareness and currency among enterprise decision makers.



Exposure in target tech press


Extended contracts with key enterprise clients


Collateral produced for deployment across CRM

The Challenge

Offering a high level of expertise and nimble solutions to highly complex technical solutions in the cloud, Dootrix punch way above their weight. Increasingly in competition against global systems integrators, they needed to increase their brand reputation and currency to encourage key decision makers within target corporates to choose them over their blue-chip rivals.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

The strategy

An initial Discovery Process enabled us to understand the business ambitions, opportunities and challenges. From these insights, we devised a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy to increase brand reputation and currency to reposition Dootrix from a small agency to an agile, resourceful and dedicated partner for enterprise clients.

With an emphasis on case studies and thought leadership, we created wide-ranging content repurposed across digital and social channels, supported by strategic PR, to shift brand perceptions and increase reputational reach.

The outcome

Sharp Minds succeeded where other agencies had failed, understanding and communicating Dootrix’s complex technology solutions and thought leadership into content that connected with its targets of corporate Chief Information and Chief Technology Officers. Working closely with the business development team, we repurposed digital and video content to create collateral that they could deploy across the customer journey to build confidence among prospects. Proactive social sharing of content increased company followers on LinkedIn, increasing brand engagement, while successful media campaigns messaged Dootrix as a trusted partner for enterprise, increasing brand awareness and credibility among target audiences.  

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

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Key highlights

  • 7 items secured in tech media titles from one campaign
  • Profile feature opportunity secured in CIO magazine
  • Client collaboration secured for joint PR campaigns
  • Client video interview providing testimonials and extensive thought leadership content rolled out over several months
  • Thought leadership e-brochures produced to create data-capture opportunities
  • Proactive media outreach to identify future features for Dootrix contribution