Compelling storytelling delivers measurable ROI

Making the PR and marketing budget work harder through relatable case studies increases market share in a highly competitive sector.



Year-on-year growth in self-pay business


Monthly views in Google searches


On Google – up from page 5

The Challenge

To position Nuffield Health as the go-to health provider within the target geographical area by raising brand awareness, taking away market share from competitors and increasing loyalty among self-funding patients.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

The strategy

In a highly competitive market, Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells Hospital had an established marketing budget, but we advised that the advertising spend could work smarter and digital marketing honed to ensure the hospital and its services were at the top of relevant online searches to drive traffic and enquiries.

We revised the messaging strategy to focus on relatable case studies, creating compelling advertorials and digital content that showcased the consultants’ expertise and exceptional customer experiences to boost SEO and drive offline brand engagement. Social marketing and strategic  sponsorship, PR and media partnerships were aligned to consolidate brand reputation.

The outcome

Our multi-layered strategic marketing and PR led to measurable outcomes, including 20% year-on-year growth in self-pay business – with £60,000 generated from a single patient education event. Our successful SEO strategy saw the hospital climbing from page 5 on Google to page 1 for relevant searches, leading to 12,000 search views and 4,000 views on Google maps per month. This correlated with an additional 200 phone calls and 300 more website visits per month. We brokered a prime sponsorship opportunity and associated media partnership, which resulted in 14 articles from one campaign and significantly increased brand awareness among target audiences in the hospital’s catchment area

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

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