Tailored SEO to support business growth

Enabling an ambitious business to compete for multiple services across a wide geographic area with SEO-rich content for each service in each town.


SEO for 21 services in 23 towns

Clients – domestic and commercial

Client value and lifespan

The Challenge

Starting as window cleaners, Kin Kan Do had big ambitions to become a full-service property maintenance company. Competing for a large number of services across a wide geographic area was likely to dilute its search engine rankings, so a comprehensive SEO strategy was required to ensure it performed well in relevant online searches.

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The strategy

Project management of a new website to ensure easy navigation for users to book the service they needed was essential to optimise conversions, but equally as important was driving sufficient traffic to support the business’s growth plans. In addition to writing content optimised for all the services offered, we created a hidden portfolio of geo-specific service pages for the 23 key towns in which Kin Kan Do operates, to drive strong SEO for each service in each location. This was further supported by regular, organic content, as well as social and digital marketing and offline advertising.

The outcome

It was a massive undertaking: creating bespoke pages for 21 different services in each of 23 different towns, rewriting the content each time to ensure the website was not penalised for plagiarism and with different local references on each page to ensure its relevance to local searches was recognised by search engine algorithms. But it has paid dividends, enabling Kin Kan Do to compete effectively for a large number of services over a wide area, so supporting its ambitious to become one of the largest property maintenance companies in the South East.

Digital and social marketing effectively drove upselling to existing customers, increasing both client value and lifespan to increase turnover and profitability.

marketing PR strategic counsel expertise Kent Sussex London

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