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Working for ambitious businesses helps us thrive too – it's infectious

Our clients want

Affordable expertise

Our clients want expertise they can rely on, that delivers the intelligence and strategy they need, when they need it – without high overheads.

More time

Our clients are busy. They need dependable expertise so they can concentrate on their business.


Our clients want to look and sound better than their competition, with compelling messaging that engages their targets.


Our clients are looking to grow their businesses and need experts who can help deliver sustained momentum.


Our clients need experts who share their vision and will respond to their changing agenda, wherever possible.

Respectful partnership

Our clients are brilliant at what they do, and respect and celebrate the talent they need to help them succeed.

Our clients are


Ambition is essential to success; we work with businesses that intend to be successful.


Our clients are changing sectors, behaviours and attitudes.


Our clients see opportunities where others see obstacles.


Our clients are brilliant at what they do.

Far sighted

Our clients have a long-term vision, and know what they need to do to realise it.


Our clients know they can't do it all, and value the talent they need to propel them along their journey.

Which one are you?

The game changer

An expert in your field, you're redefining the rules to change standards, expectations and experiences. You need strategic marketing intelligence from experts who get as excited as you do about challenging the norm.

The visionary

You're not just redefining markets – you're creating completely new ones. Strategic marketing intelligence is essential for your success.

The established owner-manager

In business for 5+ years, you've defined your offering and established successful operations. Now you need to improve your market positioning to fuel the next phase of your business plan.

The ambitious start-up

You may just be starting out, but you have a clear vision and wide ambition for instant impact and fast growth. You need marketing strategy from equally ambitious experts who are determined to help you achieve your goals.

The web design agency

You create brilliant websites, but the projects often stall when it comes to the content. You need expert content creation to improve your project management and deliver websites that are as compelling to read as they are to look at.

The video production company

You need expert script writers who can understand your clients' businesses, identify their messaging and work with you on the storyboarding to devise successful scripts that enhance the visual messaging to create compelling videos.

"We have used Sharp Minds Communications for public relations.  They worked tirelessly to get us coverage, successfully securing us editorial in The Daily Mail and The Independent.  That sort of exposure is invaluable to a fledgling company like ours, looking to make an impact on a national level.  Sharp Minds Communications offer real expertise at rates that are realistic for smaller companies.  If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur and you are serious about achieving their goals, you should talk to Sharp Minds Communications!"

Catherine Gallagher, The Beyond Travel Company

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