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Wowing your YouTube subscribers

Our last blog about YoutTube marketing highlighted how you can grow your channel faster by simple housekeeping techniques when you upload it and using social media to promote it.  But, the biggest factor in how successful your YouTube channel is likely to be is the quality of your videos.  You need them to be as engaging as possible – without it taking a lot of time out of your working week. 


It’s easy to jump on an idea that’s just popped into your head and start filming, but this is far from an efficient method. Give some time to plotting out each video topic: what you’ll cover, how long it should be and when it will go out.  Topics could include: Top Ten videos, business tips, product spotlights or testimonials. 

Know your script

Planning what you are going to say will also help a lot.  You may want to prepare a word-by-word script, but be wary of reading it when you record.  There is an art to reading a script naturally and making viewers feel that you are talking to them; professional news readers spend years perfecting it, so – unless you are extremely lucky and this comes really naturally to you – you’re likely to find that reading a script on camera acts as a barrier to engagement with your audience.  If you do prepare a verbatim script, learn it as much as you can, highlight key topics so you know the structure of what you need to say, but then speak from the heart.  Known as a ‘piece to camera’ in TV newspeak, you are likely to come across far more naturally than reading a script or autocue.  


The best piece of advice we can give you is to set aside a day for filming. That sounds like a lot, but it’s more time efficient to record a number of videos and edit them in one hit than to work on one per day.  YouTube videos don’t have to be long, in fact it’s better if they aren’t. If you dedicate a day to filming and editing the content, you could reasonably create ten two-minute videos in one go that can be uploaded across the following weeks. 


If you have the ability to send your content off to an editor to weed out any mistakes and make it look a bit more polished, we recommend that you do, as the process of editing often takes longer than the filming process. However if you don’t, you can still cut down the amount of time it takes to edit. One idea is to create a cheat sheet; this is a checklist for you to go down whilst editing which makes sure you’ve got all the right transitions, imagery and text on the screen. It beats going back every five minutes and realising you left something out. In the end, practice makes perfect and the more you get used to editing, the quicker and easier it becomes. 

The finishing touches 

Once you’ve got your final product and you’re ready to upload your video, you need to make a thumbnail. This is the image everyone sees above the title before clicking on your video; it’s effectively the image that will sell your video, so it has to be spot on. Have an image at the ready that portrays your video’s content and make sure it’s eye catching. It’s also a good idea to add a few words in bold at the bottom of the image which gives a clear sell as to why people should watch your video, this could be something like: ‘Top Ten health tips.’ 

Creating content can seem like a lot of work at first, but if you break it down into these steps, you’ll have a much easier time creating your videos. Before you upload, it’s highly recommended that you show it to a colleague or a friend to make sure there aren’t any mistakes. 

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