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Why we turned to the experts for our own brand development

As communications experts, we work closely with our clients on their messaging, helping them identify their market positioning and effective communications strategies to consolidate or expand that.  But when it came to our own market positioning, we knew we needed an outside pair of eyes.

There are times when we all need to be the client, even when we think we have the necessary expertise in-house.  As messaging experts, we could have analysed our market positioning, our existing messaging and where we wanted to take our business – and developed a strategy to help get us there.  But you can be too close to a problem; it often takes an outsider to know which questions to ask to get the right answers, to deliver the objectivity required to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to create a strategy to capitalise on the former and offset or address the latter.

That expert, outside objectivity is what we bring to our clients.  So, having identified that we needed to undertake a complete review of or our own business positioning and messaging, we recognised that we needed to bring in the same level of objective expertise that is so valuable for our own clients

Our solution was The Rare Skills Set.  Although there is some cross-over between their areas of expertise and ours, The Rare Skills Set are experts in brand development; while we focus primarily on communications for established brands, they specialise in helping companies develop coherent, compelling brand experiences – and we had a hunch that the analysis might lead us to a complete overhaul of our brand.

We already knew the work of The Rare Skills Set and collaborate with them on client projects.  We know how their expertise complements ours, and where our clients will benefit from the additional insights that they can bring.

Working with The Rare Skills Set as their client was invigorating and refreshing.  We felt a huge sense of relief that we could sit back and be the client for a bit, knowing that we were in safe – and expert – hands.  It was fascinating seeing the results of their investigations into our business – all of which we recognised, but which we would have struggled to have identified and articulate on our own.  And it was stimulating working collaboratively and creatively with them to develop the concepts that came out of their investigations and recommendations.

Working with The Rare Skills Set has enabled us to get further than we could ever have done on our own.  We knew it would – because we know that our outside expertise helps our clients get further than they can on their own.

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