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When should you be posting on social media?

In order to enhance your social media marketing strategy and gain more followers, you have to know which times people will be checking in on various platforms. It isn’t a nice feeling spending hours creating original content only for no one to see it, so we’ve pulled together a beginner’s guide to the most suitable times for the different social media platforms.

When you should be posting will depend upon whether you’re focused on attracting other businesses (B2B) or end customers(B2C); you’ll find the peak times are slightly different for each on all the social media platforms.


Due to the changes to Facebook’s algorithm timing is very important and you have to get it just right in order to be seen by anyone. It’s not like Twitter, where everything appears in order of posting.

You’ll find that most businesses are on Facebook during weekdays in the morning from 8-9am and from 12-4pm; this is due to people commuting to work or on a lunch break, so this is the time for you to post if you’re B2B. B2C businesses are very similar, with the exception of peak times being from 12-1pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


For B2B it’s recommended to target commuters and people on a break so before 8am then 12-3pm and after 5pm.  On the other hand, if you’re B2C, you’ll want to post between lunch time, so 12-3pm and on the weekends from 6-7 p.m.


Instagram is obviously more mobile focused and because of this it’s likely people are checking Instagram a lot more than other platforms throughout the day. There’s no real set time for B2C or B2B, but the most engagement you’ll likely receive is from 12-1 p.m. throughout the week.


As you probably know, LinkedIn is much more focused on B2B types, so peak times are concentrated accordingly. Through weekdays, 5-6pm seems to be when you’re going to get most traction.  But mornings from 7-8am is also very effective.


You’ll find Pinterest very different from the other platforms due to its features and how Pins work.  8-11 p.m. is when you’re most likely to gain followers and engagement, with a peak at 9pm.  Another time with higher user numbers is from lunch between 1-3 p.m.

Many of the platforms link together and it may be easier to post collectively across multiple platforms, but there are a few exceptions so you might want to hold back posting certain content until a more suitable time. Timing is just one of the many things to consider on social media and if you’re looking for more information, we offer social media training where we cover a lot more and in further detail.

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