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Website content with a clear vision

Kings Hill Opticians’ new website had been ready to go live for 18 months, but they had struggled – and failed – to write the content themselves.  Within weeks of our initial meeting, we had created the content they needed to communicate their unique offering to their target clients, so their new website could start working to grow their business. 

A common mistake

It’s a trap a lot of small businesses fall into: trying to write their own website content.  They know they can’t design or code the website themselves, but they think they can save money when it comes to writing it.  After all, the business owner has a GCSE or O Level in English – how hard can it be?

But, as Satvinder Shoker, director of Kings Hill Opticians, discovered, it can be very hard.  Like many business owners, Sat exceeds at what he does: he is an excellent optician, as his role as the head of the Opticians’ Department at Maidstone Hospital testifies.  But that doesn’t mean he could find the time to write his own web content – or that he could identify what his customers are looking for, what factors will tip them into picking up the phone or buying, or how to communicate in a way that resonates with them. 

When we met Sat at a networking meeting and he confessed to the 18-month delay to his new website, our reaction was simple: “You shouldn’t be writing your own content!”  We explained that we take the stress out of website content creation, and that we could have his new website live within a couple of months, including time for revisions.

Communicating key messages

Our starting point was a discovery process to understand Kings Hill Opticians’ market position, points of difference from their competitors, ideal customers and their triggers.  Sat and his team don’t compete on price; rather they offer clinical excellence, exceptional customer service and top-of-the-range products.  The messaging therefore needed to appeal to people willing to invest in their eye health, and deter those for whom price is the only consideration.  We built the content around the core message:

‘Because you only have one pair of eyes’

We supplemented the product and services content with independent endorsement, interviewing patients to get third-party testimonials about the expertise and experience offered by Kings Hill Opticians’.

Health expertise

An additional challenge was to sift through the very medical content that had already been written, identifying what was relevant to the target customers and relaying it in way they would understand and that connected with them emotionally.

One example of this was the page headed ‘Visual stress’, the medical term embracing conditions such as dyslexia.  While it is medically accurate, it’s not a phrase that target customers – such as parents of children with reading difficulties – are likely to be familiar with; it’s therefore not something they would be searching for online and not something they would identify as relevant to them if they came across it. 

Fortunately, our strong background in the health sector and in communicating complex subjects to lay audiences enabled us to unpick the medical jargon and rewrite the content to maximise its appeal to the target audience, as well as for search engine optimisation.

Client’s verdict

“Our website designers had been chasing me for 18 months to get the content written for our new website and I really thought that I could do it myself, but I couldn’t find the time and I couldn’t work out what our customers needed to know and what was too much information.  I did know that all the time the new website was hidden, the money we had spent on it was effectively wasted, as our only online presence was a very outdated website that was not mobile friendly and didn’t communicate in the right way for our target audiences.

Sharp Minds Communications made the whole process simple.  They took time to understand what makes us different, who we are trying to appeal to and what is important for them.  They were also very skilled at understanding medical information – doing their own research where necessary – and communicating it in a way that would appeal to our target audiences while still being medically accurate.  Their input enabled our new website to go live much quicker that we could ever have achieved on our own, creating a smooth process with clear milestones and deadlines so we could keep the project on track.  We now have content that portrays who we are in a way that appeals to our target audiences.  I just wish we had worked with Sharp Minds from the start!”

Satvinder Shoker, Director, Kings Hill Opticians’

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help with your marketing, email communications@sharpminds.agency

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