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There are loads of books available that explain how to develop an effective marketing strategy  - if you’ve got the time to read them. But if you’re too busy running your business, you can get all the insights you need from our helpful video.

Whether you want to grow your business or simply maintain turnover, marketing is an essential part of your business development plans.  But to create a marketing strategy that will achieve your business goals needs effective planning.

We follow a 10-step plan with all our clients to make sure we communicate the right messages in the right voice to the right audiences on the right channels.  How deep we dive depends upon the scope and whether we are working alongside them as their outsourced marketing department or delivering a defined project, but the principles of what we need to understand to create successful marketing strategies remain constant.

We’ve distilled these 10 steps into a presentation that we delivered at the recent B2B expo, The Peterborough Biscuitin conjunction with business masterminding group en-ACT.   (In case you're wondering, the Peterborough Biscuit is all to do with getting to know one another over a cup of tea and a biscuit or two.)  

This has now been turned into a video, so why not make yourself a coffee – and maybe grab a biscuit or two – and watch our 10 steps to an effective marketing strategy.  We hope it helps you reach your business goals!

Full video: http://en-act.co.uk/enACT%20TV%20siobhan%20stirling 

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help with your marketing, email communications@sharpminds.agency

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