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The Sharp Minds Communications logo: reveal, core, layers, communicate, target

A logo is the most immediate visual representation of any brand, so it’s absolutely crucial to get it right.  It needs expert insight, analysis and creativity to develop a symbol that properly communicates the offering, expertise and values of a brand.  We’re delighted that our 'core' ticks all the boxes.

Interestingly, we've had several people ask us what our new logo means.  Each time, we have turned the tables on them and asked them what they think it means.  Every answer has been on the right track – that’s how we know we’ve got it right. 

Of course, we didn't develop it ourselves; brand development is not our area of expertise.  The 'core' design was one of three initial concepts developed by The Rare Skills Set.  We chose it as it works on several levels to convey visually what Sharp Minds Communications is all about:

Reveal – We get inside a business, revealing and understanding what’s on the inside to enable us to communicate it to the outside world.

Core – We uncover what is at the heart of our clients’ businesses: their values, their drivers, their ambitions.

Layers – We identify the inner layers of our clients’ businesses – and we provide layered marketing communications strategies to make sure we get their message to the right audiences via the right channels.

Communicate – It’s crucial that the two halves of the sphere are apart.  We don’t just identify our clients’ messaging – we make sure it is exposed, developing effective strategies to communicate it to their targets.

Target – We make sure our clients reach their target audiences and we help them reach their targets.

To find out how Sharp Minds Communications can help you reach your targets,
email communications@sharpminds.agency

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