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Should your business be on Facebook?

The key to success on social media is finding the right platform that suits your business objectives. Here’s our guide to identifying whether Facebook is right for your organisation.

Who should be using it?

With Facebook being the most-used social media platform worldwide, you’re going to find a lot of businesses on it, whether they’re small companies or massive corporations. It’s suitable for a lot of different types of organisations, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone, so don’t go jumping on the bandwagon just because everyone else is.  With so many people on in a personal capacity – keeping up with friends and relatives - it’s much more valuable for consumer-facing businesses; it’s the ideal platform for potential customers to find out about your product or service and interact with you on a more personal level. B2B companies are much less likely to gain a lot of followers and engagement.  So, if you’re a photographer it’s perfect, but if you provide steel beams for the construction sector, you might want to look elsewhere.

Weighing the pros and cons

While being on Facebook has a wide range of positive attributes, it’s not perfect and you’ll find a lot of obstacles in your way whilst using the platform.


  • It’s easy to set up and very simple to use and post
  • It offers a lot of dynamic approaches to marketing, such as live video and Facebook ads
  • It’s a great place for businesses to represent their brand through company pages, where potential customers can find out about your offering
  • It provides a great way to engage with customers – both potential and current – as they can review your business, ask questions and give feedback


  • Compared to other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook pages are limited in terms of engagement. This is because it isn’t a personal profile and so can’t engage with other profiles to the same extent.
  • Facebooks algorithms are always changing, which can prove difficult to get used to. The latest change, aimed at reducing spam and fake news, has made it much more difficult to gain engagement through pages.
  • Insights (or analytics) can be clunky compared to other platforms and can be very time consuming.

Despite the drawbacks, Facebook remains a great platform for B2C businesses to promote your brand and engage with your target audiences.  We offer social media training where we cover all the platforms in detail and recommend where you should be posting your content and how to grow followers.

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