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Should you be using printed marketing materials?

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We may live in a digital age, but sometimes you can’t beat putting a piece of paper in someone’s hand. But before you invest in new marketing, read our pros and cons to help you decide whether they’re right for your business goals.


The pros of printed marketing materials

More memorable: Research from Fox School of Business in the USA for the showed that printed marketing materials were more likely to stick with a consumer than the same content shown online. The neuromarketing study was commissioned by the US Postal Service, who have a vested interest in the subject, but not only did participants seem to recall the adverts better when they were shown them in print, the researchers also noted greater activity in the areas of the brain associated with desirability.

Visually pleasing: Printed marketing materials, such as leaflets, brochures and flyers, allow you to showcase what you have to offer through imagery and colour. This is something that people are attracted to and it’s harder to get as much brand colour in other marketing channels.  This could be why the study for the USPS registered brain activity associated with desirability when participants were shown printed, rather than digital, adverts.

More information: Unlike some marketing channels, such as social media, you’re able to offer a lot more information in printed marketing materials. Depending upon the size and design of your printed materials, you can communicate a range of services or products, as well as why people should choose you and how to get hold of you.

Reusable: The great thing about printed marketing collateral is that once you’ve created the design, as long as it’s got evergreen content (i.e. not tied to a specific event or seasonal product ranges) all you need to do is print some more when necessary. That means that whenever you go to a new event or meet new potential customers, you can bring them with you and offer them to your target customers.

The cons of marketing materials

Can be expensive: Marketing materials don’t come cheap. Before you even start considering print costs, you need to get the content created and designed. Print costs will be affected by the number of copies plus the quality of your paper and print finishes. Then, if you’re looking to post them, the cost of packaging and posting can be considerable. Make sure it’s something you will get the most out of before investing.

Time consuming: If the costs of professional content creation and graphic design are deterring you, you could try and do these yourselves. This can be very time consuming and also not look professional; doing a poor job could undermine your brand.

Can be seen as junk: If you’re looking to deliver leaflets, you’ll come up against quite a few other companies doing the same thing. You need to make sure yours stands out and that there is a compelling reason for your target customers to pick it up and read the contents.

In today’s digital age, printed marketing materials still have a role and should be thrown into the mix when you’re considering your optimal marketing strategy.  Working out whether they’re right for your business will mean weighing up the pros and cons against your business development objectives.

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