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Sharp Minds Communications – it’s as much about our clients as us!

We’re well aware that Sharp Mind Communications is a bold name – but it says as much about our clients as it does us.

When we worked through our in-depth brand development process with The Rare Skills Set, several names were put on the table.  They were the result of a thorough investigation of our services, our expertise, our values, our ambitions, the clients we want to work with, the kind of employer we want to be.  They all summarised key elements of each of these, and several of them could have provided a viable brand for us to develop to help us shape our business and our messaging.

Interestingly, our initial reactions to ‘Sharp Minds Communications’ was the most polarised and varied.  Our journey in our relationship with our new potential brand went something like this:

“Oooohhhhh.  We like that!”

“Actually, it could be really alienating for some people – take it off the shortlist.”

“On the other hand, the people we want to work with have the same regard for intelligence and ambition that we do – they’ll get it.  And the people who don’t like it probably aren’t our target clients.  Put it back in the short list.”

The Rare Skills Set developed three potential brands through to initial concepts for us.  For a couple of weeks, both the other two were the front runners.  But deciding on a brand isn’t something you do on a whim.  You need to put it on, like a new coat, and see how it fits: Is it comfortable and right in all circumstances?  Is it going to look as good in a few years?  Crucially, is it you?  And the more we imagined wearing the Sharp Minds Communications brand, the more we realised that it really was the perfect fit. 

We’re prepared for a bit of a Marmite reaction (although we haven’t had one yet!).  But that’s fine: we know that the kind of businesses that we want to work with and for whom we can deliver real results, will be looking for Sharp Minds, because they are Sharp Minds themselves.

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help drive your business forward,

email communications@sharpminds.agency

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