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Promoting your brand on YouTube: top five video ideas

YouTube has been used successfully by many brands to generate awareness, interest and sales. If you’ve decided it should be part of your marketing strategy, you’re going to need a stream of fresh ideas to generate stimulating content to attract and retain subscribers.  We’ve pulled together five top ideas to get you rolling.

1. Channel introduction

YouTube offers you a way to tell new subscribers and potential subscribers who you are with a ‘channel introduction’ video; this will play automatically when any new viewer clicks on your channel link.  It’s really worthwhile investing in creating a great introduction video, before you start uploading regular content. 

Make sure your introduction is relatable and humanise it as much as possible as this will create more of a connection between you and the viewer.  Get people interested by explaining your story and the origins of your business. When they’re hooked, explain what you do and how people benefit from what you do. Be careful not to make your introduction too long though; normal YouTube attention span rules apply, so you ideally want it to be a minute or less.

2. Helpful tips

To grow your channel, people need to come across it and have a reason to subscribe. Guides and how-to videos are a great way of bringing in new viewers through keywords. Once they’ve found you, they are more likely to click on your other videos if they feel they are gaining new knowledge. For example, if you’re a florist you could have videos explaining the best ways to keep flowers fresher for longer, how to arrange a simple bouquet, how to create a centrepiece for the Christmas table. Again, make sure they’re short and sweet.

3. Testimonials

It’s all well and good going on about how amazing you are and why people need to buy from you, but third-party, objective endorsement is far more powerful. Ask customers if they’d be happy to say a few words about their experience with you and what they gained from it. Obviously make sure it’s positive first!

4. Promote events

YouTube is the perfect place for raising awareness of upcoming events, once you have a decent number of subscribers.  If you’ve got footage of a previous event, re-edit it and upload your new video as a way of showcasing what people can expect from the forthcoming event.

5. Show off your product

When you’ve established yourself on YouTube and people are starting to engage more with your channel, it’s time to start promoting your product/s. The best way to do this is to have others using them, explaining all the great things they can do. You can do this before you have a large number of subscribers, but beware that if you get too promotional too soon you could deter people from subscribing.  

This is far from a definitive list, but it will help you create some strong initial videos.  Once you get used to the schedule of filming and editing, hopefully you will start coming up with lots of ideas of your own for videos that will engage your target followers. 

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