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Meet our new marketing account executive

Marketing is an exciting career path and provides a service which is essential to almost every company, a fact which is not lost on our new account exec, James. Coming from a scientific background he was keen to learn as much as possible and grow into his new role, and most importantly, to help our clients grow their businesses.


Q Why did you want a career in marketing?

In recent years I’ve come to understand the value that marketing has in the modern world we live in. The branding of a product and the public perception of a business both have huge impacts on how well a company does. Marketing is all about improving that image of your brand and making your company look like the best choice available – it’s about tipping the scales over your competitors. I find this whole idea extremely fascinating and in recent years I’ve increasingly started to think that I would love to start a career in marketing.

Another attractive aspect of marketing is that in the last decade or so, the practice has changed a lot and gained lots of new avenues which can be explored. Social networking is huge in marketing, and there are so many innovative ways to utilise the various channels to gain clients or customers. Nowadays it’s not so much about posting a leaflet through the letterbox, but about putting the right content online to reach the greatest number of target customers.

Q Why did you chose to join Sharp Minds?

Sharp Minds Communications is a growing business that has shown real results in helping other small and medium-sized businesses grow. This was really attractive to me as I wanted to be working somewhere that I could grow alongside the business and learn as much as I possibly could.

Applying for jobs as a university graduate is a long and painful process, but with Sharp Minds, I could tell that the time I had put into my application was really valued. It was an extremely thorough process and I could tell that this company wasn’t just going to hire anybody – they had to be absolutely right for the job. Siobhan was a big factor as well, her expertise and experience in marketing and PR was one of the things that pushed me and made me realise that I would learn a lot in this role and gain valuable experience.  My interview was by far the most in-depth interview I’ve ever had, which reflects on the work Sharp Minds conducts. I am actually from a scientific background, having graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Zoology, so it was a big step for me to decide to get into marketing, but when joining Sharp Minds, my ability to learn quickly and adapt to a new field was not overlooked and I felt valued as an integral part of the team right away.

Q What area of marketing interests you the most?

Branding is something I am very interested in – a company needs to understand their brand and keep their values consistent throughout all the business they conduct, from the visual aspects to the quality of the product or service they provide. A business’s brand is their identity and I think that this is one of the most important features of marketing and is something I look forward to working with clients on in the future.

I am also really interested in content writing; I write blogs for all manner of our clients who operate in different fields. This means that for each blog I write, I have to conduct a lot of research to write relevant, interesting and factually correct articles. This means I not only learn how to write fluently and succinctly, but I also learn a tremendous amount of information regarding the topics that I cover, with the additional challenge of adapting my writing style to the different clients.  

Q What do you do when you’re not promoting Sharp Minds’ clients?

I love to play football and have played at semi-pro level since I was 18; I currently play in the Southern Counties East League for Bearsted FC.

We look forward to helping James gain valuable experience and knowledge to help our clients improve their marketing strategies and grow their businesses.

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help with your marketing, email communications@sharpminds.agency 

 Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Sharp Minds offers brand development, digital marketing, offline marketing and public relations to businesses across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London. You can see what our customers say about us here.


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