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Marketing to solve recruitment challenges

Imagine this: you’ve got a waiting list of clients.  Sounds fantastic, right? But what if you can’t find the right staff to deliver your services to your standards?  It’s a problem facing many small businesses.  You may not think of marketing as a solution for recruitment, but nailing your employer messaging is important for any business that wants to grow while upholding its brand values. 

The two-fold challenge

One of the sectors in which the challenge of recruitment is felt most acutely is care; with lots of negative headlines in the press, many caring people shy away from the industry.  All About Home Care know exactly what this means at the cutting edge; one of the very few home care providers to be rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, they need to attract carers who are as passionate about making a real difference to the quality of the lives of their clients as they are.  But their own recruitment had led to a lot of time-consuming applications from people whose motivations were completely misaligned with those of the company.

Alongside their recruitment challenge, All About Home Care wanted help creating messaging that consolidated their engagement with potential clients and their relatives as exceptional care providers.

Marketing solutions to improve recruitment

Our solution to attract the right candidates to all About Home Care was to interview their existing carers to understand what they feel makes the company different from other providers in their sector.  The insights were revealing: one employee told us “Unless I win the lottery, I have no plans of working for anyone else!” and another said “I was on the point of leaving the care industry, but now I simply love my job.” We used these testimonials in recruitment messaging, both on the website and on job portals, to help showcase All About Home Care as an excellent employer, with the result that they now attracting more caring candidates motivated to make a difference.

This has been reinforced by our regular digital content for All About Home Care, communicating their central messages and philosophy through value-adding content targeted at their key audiences and promoted through social media, which in turn has boosted their Search Engine Optimisation.

Client’s Verdict

“Sharp Minds Communications provide monthly marketing support to help us meet some key objectives.  In the care sector, one of the most pressing of these is the challenge of recruiting excellent staff who can uphold our company values of outstanding care for our clients, which has seen us earn the top rating from the Care Quality Commission.  This is not an easy task: the care sector often has a poor press, meaning that while it is easy to get applications from people who don’t really care, really caring people often won’t consider the industry as a career option. Sharp Minds approached our challenge with strategic analysis, coming up with an innovative solution to try and attract the right kind of candidates.  Their work on our messaging has led to an increase in applications from the kind of people we are interested in employing, a key business objective for us if we are to continue delivering outstanding care to our clients and expand our services. 

“As well as help with our recruitment, Sharp Minds also create regular digital content for us to enhance our SEO and consolidate our position as a standard bearer in our sector, as well as PR campaigns when they feel we have a story worth telling.  They work flexibly to accommodate our capacity, use their initiative to create original and timely content ideas and manage the work flow so that nothing slips through the net.”  

Keiron Brennan, Director, All About Homecare.

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help with your marketing, email communications@sharpminds.agency 

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