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Should you be doing telemarketing?

Telemarketing can be a great tool to implement into your marketing strategy. Not only does it allow you to communicate directly with your customers or prospects, it is a great way to target your campaigns to the right audiences. However, there are drawbacks to telemarketing – it is a bold approach that many prospects won’t appreciate. We take a look at the positives and drawbacks of telemarketing and how you might implement it successfully into your marketing strategy to help grow your business.

Telemarketing has always endured bad press, with many scams and cons being committed under the banner of telemarketing. However, many businesses rely on telemarketing to generate enough sales to and gain new customers to survive. This is because it is an excellent tool when implemented effectively into your marketing strategy, driving sales and generating leads. However, be careful – you don’t want to fall under the banner of an unethical company, not only does it damage your reputation, but you may be facing legal problems, especially if you aren’t compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The benefits of telemarketing

  • Boosting sales – Directly contacting prospects is an excellent way to quickly build rapport and establish a relationship with your prospects, making them more likely to connect with your ideas. This can allow your client base to grow in your current area, as well as expand into new territories.
  • Building a positive image – When you make telephone calls to prospects, it’s important to be positive and remain professional throughout. If you conduct your business in this manner, you set the tone for the rest of the client’s relationship with your company. The first few seconds are the most important – just like the subject line of an email – as it dictates whether or not the prospect is going to be receptive to your call.
  • Gathering information – Telemarketing isn’t always about sales. It can be an excellent way to gather information about your existing customers. This is a valuable tool to develop your marketing strategy because it helps you to understand which demographics your model client belongs to so that you can make future marketing campaigns more targeted to get a greater return on investment.


As with all marketing strategies, there are things you should consider before going ahead with your telemarketing campaign:

  • Cost efficiency – Telemarketing has to be worth the money you put into it. You will have to pay for the desk space and an operator as well as investing the time or money into collecting phone numbers for leads. When thinking about telemarketing you need to consider the costs involved with a single sale; if you are averaging one sale worth £10 each hour, is that worth the amount you’re investing into telemarketing? Probably not. Whereas if each sale is worth £100, then it might be worth the investment.
  • Data protection – All telemarketing activities are legally governed by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and the GDPR. This means that you must have the consent of all people you attempt to contact over the phone (or indeed through any direct communications). Therefore you need to ensure that all of the consents you have – whether that be obtained by your own company or a third-party – are up-to-date and accurate.

Criteria for success

After reviewing your options, you may have decided that telemarketing is the right marketing strategy for your company; if so, it’s a good idea to create a plan-of-action to get the most out of it, this means you should prepare.

  • Set goals: which are time-based, for example aim for ten conversions each day.
  • Develop a script: Your script should be:
    • Polite – not only is it common courtesy, but you don’t want to scare your customers away or damage your brand reputation.
    • Relevant – don’t just chat about anything, make sure you clearly communicate your reason for calling and what the customer can get out of it.
    • Flexible – your prospect may go off track, prepare for every eventuality.
  • Undertake training: Your staff need to understand exactly what it is they’re selling inside out, and the values of your brand.

Telemarketing can be an excellent strategy to propel your business forward and drive sales your way. But don’t mess it up! Ensure you have all the legal consents you need and don’t spam people – it will damage your brand reputation and the reputation of telemarketing as a whole.

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