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Know your clients’ pleasure and pain: Step 6 for developing an effective marketing strategy

It’s an old adage that purchasing decisions are only 20% rational; 80% of why a prospect buys from you or not is likely to be an emotional response.  So understanding your clients’ – and especially your ideal clients – emotional reasons for buying from you is key to structuring an effective marketing strategy.

Those emotions generally boil down to two things: pleasure and pain; your clients come to you either because you deliver the former, or you minimise or take away some element of the latter.

Before you can work out what your clients’ pleasure and pain is, you need to talk to them to find out what has influenced their decision to do business with you, or why they have decided to go elsewhere (read Step 5 for ideas on how to do this). 

Once you have talked to your clients – and the clients you would really like to have – you are ready to work out their pleasure and pain.   You might want to do this as a spreadsheet, a diagram, or a thought board with Post-It notes that you can move around – whatever works best for you: 

  • Go through all the responses and divide them into pleasure or pain factors.
  • Group similar responses/reasons together
  • Distil the reasons down into the core factors that influence your ideal clients

 For examples, your analysis might look like this:

 Easy ordering system
 Save time
 Speedy delivery of goods/services
 No-obligation trial period
 Reduce risk
 Money-back guarantee
 You understand my business needs
 Industry expertise
 Wide range of products
 Knowledgeable staff
 You understand my business needs
 Personal service
 One point of contact
 Direct phone number to my account manager

When you have distilled your client research into the core ways in which you increase their pleasure and reduce their pain, you have the basis on which to build the messaging strategy which will underpin your marketing. 

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