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Know where your clients are: Step 7 for developing an effective marketing strategy

It may seem axiomatic that you can’t reach your clients if you don’t know where they are, but many companies do just that.  If you want effective marketing, you not only need to know where your ideal clients are geographically, but also where they are hanging out and what influences them.



This is the easiest bit to work out, as most businesses know how far they want to travel to provide their goods and services, but it is still often overlooked in marketing plans.  Many business people will be overawed by the prospect of a mention in a national newspaper or magazine, but if your target client base is within a 30-minute drive, exposure in your local press could be far more valuable. 


You also need to know where your ideal clients hang out, both physically and digitally. 

  • Physical hang outs: If your ideal clients attend a particular networking event, joining this group – and making valuable contributions within it – should be a key element of your marketing plan.
  • Digital hang outs: You need to know which channels your targets are on actively. A lot of companies will say ‘We need to be doing Twitter’, but if your targets aren’t on Twitter – or if their accounts aren’t managed by the relevant decision maker – it’s not going to deliver results for you.


Knowing who your ideal targets turn to for guidance and information will help determine which influencers you need to be reaching out to within your marketing.

  • What magazines and newspapers do your targets read?
  • Which websites do they use for research?
  • What radio programmes do they listen to?
  • Which bloggers do they follow?
  • Who do they follow on social media?


So why the picture of the desert?  Well, this is where your clients aren’t.  It seems obvious, but all too often companies fail to find out where their targets are and what really influences them.  Unfortunately, focusing your marketing strategy on the wrong channels and influencers is as effective as shouting in the desert: no-one will hear you. 

Knowing who your ideal clients are, understanding their pain and pleasure and knowing where they are, will help you shape the right marketing strategy, delivered in the right voice and – crucially – on the right channels to reach your targets.

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