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Is your social media working?

Like any business investment, marketing needs to pay for itself, so it’s essential to know what returns you are getting on your different marketing activities.  Yet, staggeringly, too many marketers don’t know whether their social media is delivering.


Social analytics

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it provides analytics for you to measure your ROI.  Depending upon which network you are on, you can track:

  • Followers or friends – and when they are online
  • Reach – how many people are seeing your posts
  • Engagement – reposts, shares, likes
  • Which posts are generating the greatest engagement
  • Traffic – the number of people who have clicked on your links
  • The sentiment of comments – positive, negative, neutral
  • How often your business has shown up in relevant online searches
  • How many people have looked for directions to your business
  • How many people have called you directly from online searches


Heads in the sand

Despite analytics on social media accounts being instantly available, too few marketers are aware how the accounts they manage are performing.  The respected 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report  by SocialMediaExaminer.com found that, of the marketers surveyed:

  • Only 68% analyse their social media activities
  • Only 41% agreed that they could measure the ROI on their social activities
  • 39% were uncertain about the trends in their Facebook traffic


Knowledge is power

Getting to grips with your social analytics will help you understand how to run more effective campaigns by:

  • posting more of the content people want to read
  • publishing content at the times your audience wants to read them
  • enabling you to increase your sphere of influence by attracting more relevant followers and influencers
  • increasing engagement and loyalty with your brand
  • driving more traffic to your business

Social media may be a highly relevant element of your marketing strategy, but it is essential to review it and understand the numbers to make sure it is working to grow your business.

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