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Is Pinterest right for your business?

You might be wondering which social media platform is going to be most effective for your business, and while Pinterest does have a specific audience compared to other sites, there are many reasons your brand might want to start using it – but it’s not without its problems. 

A unique platform

Pinterest has grown significantly in the last few years and there’s good reason for it. Although, like Instagram, it is essentially a platform for images, rather than words, it differs from Instagram – and other social media platforms – in one key element.  Rather than following people, you follow ‘pinboards’, essentially images (called ‘pins’) on a theme.  For example, your business may have several boards following your product lines; your audience may choose to follow only one that they are particularly interested in.

Like other social media platforms, there is an element of sharing, which you do by repinning another user’s content.  In fact, this is one of the key strengths of Pinterest, which claims that its community is the second highest referrer to websites after Facebook. 

Pros and cons

For you to understand whether it’s a platform that could help your business succeed, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the service:


  • Easy to drive traffic: There is a very high amount of referral traffic on Pinterest, which means a lot of your followers are likely to click through to your website
  • Specific userbase: It’s a very good platform for businesses who are in fashion, food, design, travel and DIY and most of the userbase is made of females, so if your business fits into these sectors and is targeting women, it could be very useful
  • Selective following: Instead of all your posts being grouped together in one big list, you can categorise them. This makes it a lot easier to promote certain content to your followers instead of them being put off by all your other, non-relevant posts.


  • It’s a largely female user base: Whilst this is useful for some businesses, it’s obviously not suitable for people with a largely male target audience
  • Time consuming: It may take a lot of time to source and post images as it has very little scheduling ability, which can eat into your business day
  • Might not work for your business: Although many businesses have found success on the platform, it is mainly a lifestyle site and people tend to use it as a way of looking for fashion posts or recipes rather than B2B services. 

It’s easy to see why so many retail businesses have done so well off Pinterest, but if you’re a B2B organisation or trying to attract male customers, you might want to look elsewhere as you won’t find many people looking for your products or services. 

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