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How to get the most out of Facebook

Facebook has a lot of benefits as a business marketing channel. However, before jumping on the most-used social media platform, there are a few things to understand so your company presence on Facebook helps drive your business forward.  

Follow our tips to make sure Facebook is a valuable business growth tool for your organisation - not an idle distraction.


How to grow followers

Social media is all about interacting with people, and Facebook is no different; to grow your brand’s page, you must be engaging with users. This involves commenting on other people’s pages, liking their content, responding to comments on your page and showing love to your current followers.  Facebook company pages have limited functionality, making it difficult to get followers straight away, so you need to be inventive.  ‘I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine’ is one potential strategy: ask like-minded businesses to support you, in return for you engaging with their company page, ie liking and sharing each other’s content a couple of times a day. The more their followers see you, the more they’ll be swayed to start following and liking your content.

What content should you be posting?

Original and intriguing content is a key to success on Facebook, so it’s important to make sure you’re uploading material that your follower base is likely to engage with. Content you should be posting includes:

  • Imagery: Like most of the key social media platforms, imagery is a great way to attract people to your Facebook page. If you’re in the process of promoting a new fashion line or holiday destination, post pictures that are vibrant and appealing.
  • Company blogs: Promote your blogs, giving people compelling reasons to read them with posts that compel them to click through.
  • News articles: A great way of positioning your business as an industry expert that’s up to date with sector changes and developments.
  • Events: Once you grow more of a follower base, promotion of events is a great way to bring together potential customers and give a more personal aspect to your brand.

Facebook’s many analytical tools

Facebook has a variety of useful services you can utilise to track your brand’s progress on the platform. You’ll find these under Facebook Insights, which enable you to see which content is the most successful and who’s viewing it. From this, you can adapt your future posts to cater to your customers’ needs and interests; if a post with more informational content receives more likes, shares and comments, chances are you’re heading in the right direction. You can also see things such as: who’s following you, what region they live in, which age range you attract and many other demographic details which can help you tailor your content to maximise the appeal of your messaging to your target audiences.

There are many great features to Facebook and a number of ways to utilise them. We’ve also created articles on Facebook’s unique algorithm, when to post on Facebook and its pros and cons.

For a more detailed lesson on using Facebook, we offer social media training that covers everything you might need to become a pro at the platform.

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