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How to create an effective content marketing strategy

Content can be one of the most effective elements of a marketing strategy, but to be valuable, creating any old content won’t help grow your business.  Significantly, a recent survey of B2B marketers found that only 30% thought their organisation was effective at content marketing.  So here our simple tips to help you develop an effective content marketing strategy.

1. Document your strategy    

Activities that are defined and planned generally outperform those that are ad hoc or done on a whim.  It’s perhaps no surprise that 53% of the most effective marketers have a documented marketing strategy, while 40% of the least effective don’t have a strategy.

2. Produce engaging content

If your content isn’t of interest to your targets, it won’t help with lead generation, sales or engagement.  Significantly, 60% of professional marketers questioned by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) said that producing engaging content was their top challenge, with producing content consistently following shortly behind (57%).  72% also said that creating more engaging content was among their top priorities.

3. Share your content

For your content to be effective, it needs to be read.  Professional marketers use, on average, six social media platforms to share their content; the most popular for B2B marketers was LinkedIn, with 94% of those surveyed using it, and 66% of them rating it as an effective platform.

4. Understand the effectiveness of paid promotion

One option for boosting your content is to pay to have your posts promoted.  This obviously requires additional budget, but not all paid advertising delivers the same returns.  Of the B2B marketers surveyed by the CMI, 55% rated search engine marketing as effective, with only 29% agreeing that online banner ads are effective. 

5. Measure the effectiveness of your content

Easier said than done: 57% of professional B2B marketers considered measuring the effectiveness of their content to be their second biggest challenge, in the survey by the CIM in 2016; 65% said that getting a better understanding of what is effective content was one of their top priorities.  But if you don’t review your results, how can you know whether your strategy is effective?

Content is King, but for your content to rule, it has to be effective and deliver against your objectives, which means devising a documented strategy, creating engaging content and reviewing your results.

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