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Goodbye Sterling Words - hello Sharp Minds Communications!

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new brand: Sharp Minds Communications.  It reflects the full range of strategic marketing communications services that we now offer and the expertise and value that we deliver for our clients.

We don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater, reinventing the wheel or change for change’s sake.  But sometimes it really is time to move on. 

Sterling Words has served us well over the past four years.  It was a great brand for our founder, Siobhan Stirling, to launch herself as a copywriter, content marketer and public relations expert for small- and medium-sized businesses in the South East, from a strong base in journalism and public relations.  But, increasingly, our work has been about developing wide-ranging marketing strategies that deliver tangible results for our clients.   As Siobhan introduced other team members to provide a wider in-house offering to clients, it became more and more obvious that Sterling Words no longer represented the range of our expertise or the depth of our offering sufficiently.

Sharp Minds Communications epitomises how the business has developed, what we deliver for clients and what makes us different from other marketing agencies.  We are unashamedly proud of our marketing intelligence, and how we apply that to help our clients realise their ambitions.  Yes, we still love words, and excellent communications are at the heart of our offering; but they sit within a wider framework of strategic marketing communications.

Abandoning a known brand is a bold move.  But we know it’s the right move for us and our clients, and will enable us to take them even further.

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help drive your business forward,
email communications@sharpminds.agency

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