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Discovering the world of marketing

What goes into marketing and what do people want from brands? That’s what I’ve been discovering since my start as a marketing assistant at Sharp Minds Communications. There’s a lot more to it than just throwing your product into the crowd and hoping someone picks up on it, but rather singling out specific markets that are key to our client’s success.

I started at Sharp Minds in September 2016 and have learnt a lot along the way. The ins and outs of marketing are becoming more and more clear to me and I have developed skills to promote brands and delve into the minds of their consumers. In the time I’ve had at the company I’ve seen clients we’ve worked with grow – and have felt the immense reward of them gaining more and more customers every day.

The process

At Sharp Minds, we work closely with our clients to understand their business, find their target audience and develop an effective marketing strategy to reach them. To achieve this there are specific steps that must be taken as a marketer.

First, we do extensive research into both their company and their market to make sure we know exactly what the consumers want and how a product in their field sells. There’s no point presenting a marketing campaign to a customer if we have no idea what they do.

After we have discussed terms with a customer we go through what needs to be done to promote their product. How we do that depends on their industry. One thing that I’ve learnt is the importance of who their consumers are. For example:

  • Are they on Twitter?
  • Do they read the paper?
  • Do they spend a lot of time on the internet?

All this information helps us understand whether it’s worth setting up a social media account on all platforms or just one or two, if they need a blog and if PR would be beneficial.

Measuring success

After this is all said and done I’ve realised the value behind recording analytics, especially for social media. This allows us to keep our clients up to date with our progress and to let them know their accounts are in good hands.

We record which posts were the most successful that month, who saw them and the growth of the pages. They’re then provided with peace of mind and can see the benefits of their investment.

Messaging matters

I’ve worked on quite a few projects now and have helped with social media, press releases and written a few blogs. I’ve picked up a few tricks and what’s important in these types of media. A huge point to examine is the messaging that we portray for clients and for our own content; the followers and readers need to understand your brand values.

Are you warm, friendly and colourful? Or are you straight to the point and decisive? Each post and article must portray this. That way your customer builds a bond to your company and begins to see what type of company they are buying from.

I like to think I’ve learnt a lot whilst I’ve been a part of Sharp Minds but know there is still a vast amount of knowledge to soak up. At this point I’m proud to call myself an employee and am excited to see what’s next for the company.

To find out more about how Sharp Minds Communications can help with your marketing, email communications@sharpminds.agency

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