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Communicating new ambitions

When your market position evolves, you need to review your messaging to reflect where your business is now and to appeal to your new targets.  That was the case for Creative Motion; a successful video production company, they are increasingly pitching to bigger brands and corporates, so they needed a new website to appeal to this sector, without alienating smaller businesses who had been an essential part of their success. 

Established in 2010, Creative Motion had always operated under the banner of ‘Bringing ideas to life’.  But during our messaging strategy meeting, it became clear that their ideal clients had evolved from local businesses to corporates and recognised brands.  Through extensive questioning and brainstorming, we suggested that the key value they now deliver is that they bring brands to life. 

Once we had identified ‘Bringing brands to life’ as the core message, the rest of the content was shaped to resonate with the identified targets, while maintaining relevance and appeal for smaller brands, who can also benefit from Creative Motion’s effective story telling.

Client’s verdict:Sharp Minds Communications helped us identify who we are trying to reach and create content for our website that reflected our evolution to a video production company looking primarily towards brands and bigger corporates OR looking to compete effectively for work from corporates and bigger brands, while not alienating smaller businesses.  They understood how to communicate our key messages clearly and in a way that dovetailed with our website design.  The end result is a clean, modern website that supports our brand and our ambitions, with easy navigation for visitors and clear calls to action.” 

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