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Communicating care effectively

TerraBlu is a small company with a big heart, so when we created the content for their website it was important that this shone through all the messaging.

The care sector is a big growth industry, but it’s also a very crowded sector.  It’s also not a one-size-fits-all service; people’s care needs are as individual as they are – no company is going to appeal to everyone, so it’s vital when creating the messaging for a home care provider that their values are obvious at a glance.

Our discovery process with TerraBlu identified their core values as their family ethos, a deep commitment to enabling people to live fulfilling, independent lives and the heart and soul that they put into their care.  The content had to cover all the essential services that potential customers and their families would be looking for to optimise SEO, but also bring the core values to life. 

The passion and commitment of Terrablu managers and their staff is evident from the emphasis they place on delivering the little things, because it’s these little things that add up to make a big difference for their
 clients.  We interviewed staff to uncover the daily events that they take for granted to create compelling anecdotes to communicate TerraBlu’s values.  We also worked closely with the management and the website designers, Larrytech, to create a structure that was simple to navigate but also highlighted the points of difference between TerraBlu and their competitors.

The client’s verdict:Sharp Minds Communications created website content that sums up our company through effective, empathetic messaging, reflecting our values and the needs of our potential customers, while also covering essential requirements for SEO.  The content creation process was simple and efficient, with clear communication at all stages.  We believe we are a home care company with a difference, and the website we have achieved in collaboration with Sharp Minds Communications shows that.”

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