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A more personal approach to marketing

It’s always been true that you need your marketing to reach the right people.  But today’s digital marketing gives you an ability to structure personalised marketing campaigns that will make your prospects really feel your love – and be more inclined to become a customer, and even one of your champions.

Over the past few years it has become a lot easier to find your customer through various channels online. Because of this, companies can interact with their target audience much more frequently and efficiently. Instead of the days of old when you might buy ad space in the newspaper or send out thousands of leaflets to random households, praying you would find leads, you can now narrow down your searches and pick out people to target.

Having this ability gives you far more time to customise your content for your specific target. Instead of hoping people will pick up on your content, you can lead people who are already inclined to buy your product to your business. Social media sites are great for doing just that. For example, on Twitter a great way to capture your audience is by following a few simple steps:

  1. Search for and follow people who are most likely to purchase your product. If you offer stationary supplies, try searching for businesses and schools.

  2. Over time companies are likely to follow back, which is when you can start attracting them to your brand.

  3. Create a few blogs on why your product or service is important to businesses and how you are offering the best in the field; this will give them a reason to buy from you over your competitor.

  4. Remember, this method isn’t instantaneous and your content needs time to spread. That’s why it’s important to keep promoting it across social media.

  5. And finally, once you have built up a customer base, remember to keep them loyal. Send them quick updates on new products or retweet them every now and then. This is more likely to make them feel appreciated and therefore promote your brand as well.

The more your potential customer feels like they are valued by you, the more likely they are to actually want to help your business grow. It’s about creating a reason for them to be loyal to you over your competition. It’s very much like the snowball effect, the more customers are supportive of your brand, the more they will spread the word of your brand. This in turn attracts new customers who do the same.

So, in the future, tailor your content to specific individuals and keep them interested, giving them the opportunity to bring more customers to your business.

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