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A guide to success on YouTube

The rewards of being successful on YouTube are obvious but getting to the top can seem very daunting as you’ll be competing with millions of other daily uploaders. After all, you may have the best video in the world, but if people aren’t seeing it, what’s the point?  Don’t panic! Getting to grips with YouTube doesn’t have to be an upward battle, but the process of uploading is as important as the actual video creation itself. We’ve got some tips that could see your brand gaining traction quickly.

1          Regular uploads

Due to the insanely high number of videos uploaded everyday to YouTube, it’s very easy to get buried under all the content. Posting infrequently can mean that you’ll never be spotted, therefore consistency is key. You might be familiar with how regular blogs to your website increase the chance of your company page showing up on searches through SEO (search engine optimisation). You’ll find that uploading to YouTube works in the same way; for people to come across you, you need to keep popping up in their feeds and if you’re not uploading regularly, this isn’t going to happen.

How regular is regular?  For a business, it probably means every week day.  If that seems daunting, we’ll be giving you tips soon on how to create regular YouTube content without having to become a full-time film producer.

2          Use the right title

You might want to put something very arty or satirical, but it’s not going to be what people are searching for; like most other platforms, YouTube is, in one sense, a huge search engine.  If you don’t give an obvious title, people won’t find your video.  So think about what people are searching for, e.g. How to impress investors.

3          Use keywords

Once you’ve got a great title, start looking at the key phrases. This is the box on the upload page that allows you to add relevant tags that for which people might be searching. For example, if you video is about baking a cake you would put words in like: food, bakery, cake, recipe and so on. Make sure they are always relevant however because, as tempting as it may be, putting irrelevant tags that are popular can get your channel flagged and lead to the loss of uploading privileges.

If your business is location based, for example if you are a florist and are ideally trying to attract customers from within a 10-mile radius, this is the place to list your location.

4          Promote your channel

Getting your foot into the door can be difficult when starting from zero subscribers so that’s why it’s important to utilise the other weapons in your marketing arsenal. Your social media followers on other platforms could be the key to rapid growth of your channel. Start creating posts to create conversation around your channel and incentivise people to share your videos.

5          Show the love

Like all social media, YouTube works best if you build engagement, interacting with your fans and followers.  If people bother leaving you feedback and support, they like to know that you have read it and taken it on board.  Engaging back may just be a case of liking a comment or writing a quick acknowledgement of them. If you do this, you’ll find it a lot easier to build a loyal follower base that is willing to subscribe and like your future content. It’s amazing how useful a loyal follower can be to a channel’s success!

One of the biggest problems for some channels is not seeing instant growth and therefore giving up quite quickly. Starting on YouTube may seem hard going at first, but if you stick to it and follow these tips, you should be able to grow a credible base, giving you an additional platform on which to engage with your target audiences and communicate your messages.

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